Energized Living With The First Sport Arena

• Architecture concept
The modern tropical architectural style was inspired by the lines and colors of nature which can be presented in the form of vertical pattern and earth tone. These will create a warm and peaceful atmosphere to residents. The project separated you from the external environment.

• Landscape concept
The landscape design aims to create a lush green space to be in harmony with the park environment and to bring residents closer to the nature.

• Interior concept
This greenery concept will be carried out at ground floor by placing the lobby as a glass box floating in the landscape. The back drop of the lobby will be cladded with mirror to reflects the landscape and make the residents feel as if they are in the middle of greenery.

The facilities at the upper levels will also be integrated into landscape creating continuity between indoor and outdoor for seamless experience.

Unit layout is designed to maximize functional usage in limited space and make the room look airy and light. The room will cater for the resident’s ever changing activities by introducing multifunction furniture, designed to take advantage of every corner and space in the room.

There are two alternatives of interior design concept : Macy and Martin. The overall color scheme is neutral color to suits the taste off all modern residents despite the difference of gender and age.

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