Exclusively at Thonglor, the “Futuristic Design” of the architecture, interior and landscape is more than just modern, M Thonglor 10 is molded with visionary concepts of cool and trendy.  

Coming back home to M Thonglor 10 feels like shedding the weight of the world.  The design emanates with a uniquely modern energy.

The exclusive 22-floor complex greets the world with a vertical facade that sleekly juxtaposes translucent with opaque.  The sheer plane rises up, dotted with crystalline bay windows that extend out from the surface.  Farther up lie the first of their kind Glass House Units.

Geometric lines and forms are emphasized for a luxurious look and feel, accented by tones of the future through the integration of glossy and reflective materials.

M Thonglor 10 is an elegant residence with amazing character and the boundless life of Thonglor.

Tel : 0-2381-5665 , 02-116-1111